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Trust the quality of Made in Italy brands and discover the best aromas of our country.
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Inside our shop you can find coffee in capsules, pods, beans and grinded coffee. All these kinds of coffees are original or compatible with all the best brands on the market.
In addicion to various blends of coffe, you can find delicious drinks, teas and herbal teas with price-quality ratio.
In addiction to a various assortment of coffee machines in capsules, pods and grinded coffee, the Bonini Club system is patented and closed.
With our machines we can give our customers a unique product, above all Made in Italy, a perfect combination with products obtained from selected blends.
You’ll find a wide range of wines, bottled and on tap. They come from various local wineries, such as Ca’Lunae, or the cellar of the five lands.
We have also a big variety of wines from Oltrepò Pavese and Piacenza hills.
In short, a varied wine cellar under your house, able to satisfy the most demanding palates.
In addiction to the above mentioned products, you can find a lot of local products of our territory, such as extra-virgin olive oil, or also souvenirs of La Spezia, of the five lands and from all Italy ( magnets, cups, etc…) and items you can give to your loved ones of our wonderful land.

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Objects to be able to bring a little bit of our wonderful land to those who are dear to you.


Wine and typical products

The Shop

I Prodotti

  • CAFFE'

    Original and compatible capsules, pods, grains and ground coffee for all the major brands available on the market.

    Coffee machines

    With our machines we can provide customers with a unique and above all Made in Italy product.


    In addition to the various coffee blends, you can find very tasty drinks with an excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Wines

    Inside you will find a wide range of draft and bottled wines from various local wineries.


    Space for gastronomy with the most renowned local products of our territory.


    Objects to be able to bring a little bit of our wonderful land to those who are dear to you.

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